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Get Free UK Number

Get Free UK Number

Today i will tell you How to Get Free UK Number For incoming calls, so you get Free Uk Number for call forwarding, You can setup a divert and when someone dials that Uk Number, You get that call right on your mobile :)

This is a Pretty simple and can be done via Lot of methods.
Here in our First method, i will Describe How to Get Unlimited Free Uk Numbers.
(Other Methods of getting Free UK Number will be Posted in Separate Posts)

Get Unlimited Free UK Numbers:

1. Go to this website
2. You will see something Like image given below on the left side of your screen.

3. Fill Out This Form and click on Done, Now Your account has been created.

4. After account creation you are taken to the add number section automatically, Select any of the Number and Click on Continue, You will be taken to step 2. ( As shown in The image Below)

5.  Enter you number where you want to get calls like shown in the above picture and click on continue, you should be taken to step 3.where you will get confirmation that your number has been configured and is ready to use. (Step 2 image is shown below for help)

Wow , so you Get Free UK Number, if you want another UK Number , Click on add number on the left side of the screen and repeat the above given number creation guide. You can create 13 Numbers in a single account if you Really need so many of these. Enjoy Your Free UK Number Now, Give your UK Number to your family or friends in UK so that they can call you at local rates, i hope you enjoyed this Tutorial, stay in touch for moreTutorials on Our Blog :) ……..

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